I don’t wanna say goodbye for the summer

Bela Lugosi serially married five women. His fifth wife and widow, Hope Littinger, was many years younger. She had fixated on Lugosi when she saw Dracula over twenty years earlier. Supposedly, on the day they married in 1955, Bela got on the phone and called wife #4, asking her to take him back.

I tend to get cast as bad-boy Byronic types. Occasionally, I tend to get lightly stalked after I do a theatrical show. The following five women and girls have basically no clue who I am, except for what they’ve seen on stage:

hey john! its your number one fan, A. If you don't remember me i went to
see you at The Rocky Horror Show in RED. I even had you sign my bra, and i
got to kiss you. ;-P Well i just wanted to say "hello" and see how you were
doing. Thank-you for signing the picture for me. I saw your resume, i want
to go to Harvard, but i want to go to Harvard Medical. Anyway, me and my
side-kick B (the one who wears black) are going to be in a magic show
in San Francisco. It is on August 22. If you are interested let me know so i
can tell you more about it. If not, its okay too. I also wanted to know if
there was going to be any more Rocky Horror Show showings? If there is i
want to go and cheer you on as usual. Well this is getting long so i will
let you go. hopefully, you will write back.
Hey, it B remember me? How r u? I'm sorry I never came to the last 
show, I couldn't :( I was really upset that I wasn't there. So what have u 
been up 2 lately? A and I are doing this magic show thing, It's lots of 
fun, But I think A already told you about that. Well I have 2 go, I'm 
going to a movie with my friends hope 2 hear from u soon.
hi john (rif-raf). how are you? you probably dont remember me....me
and my best friend used to go 2 the ROCKY HORROR SHOW  all of the
time. i was the one who always went in a red bra.... so yea...hehehe
i was wondering if you were going to be in any plays soon because we
would like to see you....oh, would you play rif-raf again if it came back?
i hope so! well talk 2 you later...
Ultimately, it wasn't enough and I ended up wet, horny and frustrated. I
tried John, I really tried, and I thought of you the whole time.  I wanted
to be able to come so badly.  I need you, very much. 
I miss you. Sorry to be so distracted. I'm tired of the tournament, and I'm
going to have to work a lot until it's over. Will probably be
working most of the weekend. But at least I'll be working at home on the
laptop, so we can still sleep late and have sex and hang out together

Well, to tell the truth, the very last one was written by my wife. I’ll take it anyway. By the way, have I ever told you how I met my wife? She thought I was the cutest one in the show.

Powerful stuff, fan love, and you can get drunk on too much of it. I’ve received multiple offers of sex, marriage requests, and other random presents from women who really don’t know the first thing about me.

Except for the distracted one at the bottom of the list, these misguided girls fell in lust with fictional characters. Much as my ego would like to pretend so, I’m not the true target of their affections. Dammit!

We love spelling; it makes us feel normal

Yours truly went to the National Spelling Bee in 1981, representing the fair state of West Virginia, including Putnam County. (The damned word was “fulsome“. I came in at #40 in the national competition.) So it’s only reasonable that I should fall utterly in love with the score from “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee,” an adorable little musical that celebrates the essence of geek. It speaks to me!