That was drowning time, but old friends helped me through

Love to my friends. I was surprised to find out how many I had on my side.

Every day, I am a little more like me. It comes and goes. Your support means more than you know.

I’m doing one of the Seven Deadly Sins shows at Rude Guerrilla from July 25 through August 3. The material is pretty wacky… I’m the World’s Most Eligible Bachelor, and a couple dark hooded figures show up and beat the shit out of me with whips. It’s a comedy. In any case, it’s good to get some of this negative energy out in an artistically positive way. The table read of The Hermit Bird at Long Beach went well. It’s locked for a production in 2009. Also, The Death of Ayn Rand is apparently getting a production in San Francisco sometime this month. I’ll let you know when I know more.