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On November 4, Californians will vote on Proposition 8. The text of Proposition 8 is: “Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid and recognized in California.” The purpose of the proposition is to make same-sex marriage illegal here.

The Orange County Register published a database of donors both for and against the Prop 8 cause. By searching this database, you can learn who is financing this campaign against same-sex marriage.

Some examples. The National Organization for Marriage, based out of Santa Ana, has donated $1.4 million in a bunch of small pieces. The National Organization of Marriage’s money is mostly pass-through donations. The Knights of Columbus has donated $1,000,000, plus $250,000 under the cover of National Organization for Marriage. This is a Catholic fraternal benefit society with a strong pro-life slant. The neo-conservative, pro-war John Templeton Jr. apparently gave three donations of $450,000 each, under the NOM cover and directly. The ultra-conservative Christian recluse Howard Ahmanson, Jr. donated $900,000, under the title of his Fieldstead and Co. society name. He has donated to numerous political candidates and organizations associated with the United States Republican Party. Some of his donations have been returned because of his views and associations. Ahmanson’s wife was once a reporter at the highly conservative Orange County Register.

Examine and research the database yourself in order to learn more about who’s paying for this initiative.