Swim the warm waters of sins of the flesh

Here is the trailer for the film entitled Absolute Pleasure, and here’s a backup server in case the first one goes down. This film, currently in post-production, documents the sex and angst behind the scenes of the production of The Rocky Horror Show in San Jose.

Right-click the link and select “Save as…” to save it to your hard drive. Warning! The trailer contains gratuitous flogging.

Absolute Pleasure is the only documentary that does not suck. More info here as it becomes available.

Update: Several of you are complaining because you can’t view the video. I’ve changed the video format to VCD-compliant MPEG1, a common video format. Here’s some more information on how to play MPEG1 videos.

4 thoughts on “Swim the warm waters of sins of the flesh

  1. John, You are brilliant! When is the opening screening? At your place right? This MUST be an event. Can’t wait to see more gratuitous flogging and, of course, groping.

  2. Sikel and Ropert give it two thumbs up. " A must see for the intellectual curious." Bravo Mr. Byrd, Bravo. O.K. is any else getting misty?

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