Bought a beat up six string in a secondhand store

There is such a thing as talent. Tonality is important. Pitch control, color, breath control, all important.

Or so I thought. If Antares Autotune was trinitrotoluene, then Nashville would be a huge smoking pit right now. This $359 piece of DSP software is now a standard piece of equipment in the country/rock/blues/rap/industrial musical mega-establishment. You can’t write a number-one hit without it.

So here’s my cover of You Tore Me Down, originally by The Flamin’ Groovies, inspired by Krash’s recording, recorded start to finish in sixty minutes. Every single track in the recording is a single take with no rehearsal. You notice I blow the words at several points, but that does not matter. With the awesome power of Antares Autotune, talent is a thing of the past! Coat your mistakes in a comfortable patina of tonal perfection! With human error mitigated, we can work to create the MUSIC OF THE FUTURE!


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