Babies and Mommies are pretty Cool Things

I promise not to turn this blog into a day y day drooling about the every moment, second and hour of my newest childs first burp through fivehudredth poopy Diaper (did you know that the first three or four poops are likely to be the most discusting stuff you’ll ever get stuck on everything and anything that comes within a six mile radious of them? They look somethig like Henery’s Wet Patch. Ich!! I’m sitting here next to the wife and the baby. Baby is enjoying the factory that used to be my playground. In general though, there is this biological emination coming from the two of them that pretty much makes everything seem cool.

A freind of mine once said in response to my asking “are you planning on having kids?”


I can respect that. That’s way cool. Although, especially in the case of that respondant, it’s always the smartest and the most well centered that kids miss out on having as parents. But as for me, there’s nowhere I would rather be sitting right now.