It’s the key to unlocking your door, don’t you know

Today’s reader mail is from one of the producers of SUTN. The Seriously Unusual Television Show season premiere has been delayed until March 14. Word is, the executive producer was working on the set at 3:00 a.m. with a power saw when his hand slipped — he is now missing a finger.

Just to let you know, there was an accident Sunday night while we were rehersing,
Executive Producer Darren Home got injured while building the main set, it was a
serious injury and he had to go into surgury that night, his focus never waned though
as he yelled to Joe Pfeffer to keep the crew working as the paramedics were putting
him into the ambulance. Let's just stay focused and keep good thoughts in our heads
and wish Darren a speedy recovery.

In light of this news SUTN will postpone opening date to: 3-14-04

Sorry for the inconvenience and to reschedule your tickets please re submit
your ticket request at

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