The child is grown, the dream is gone

Mr. Fantastic, our drummer, is recovering from severe carpal tunnel syndrome. He writes:

i have never been this exhausted in my life. but it was worth it. i had an
amazing time last night, and, as always (against eric's instincts... ROUND
1 - FIGHT), i wish we had at least an audio tape of the show. there were *so
many* amazing moments that i can't remember them all. definitely baby got
back and the juicy fruit/big red/mortal kombat sequence were all-time
favorites. i have very fond memories of my guitar wanking on 'one i love'
(although i may be the only one).  hey ya and add it up proved our dangerous
hippo powers to the world.

i especially want to thank you guys for packing and unloading all the gear
by yourselves and letting me go straight home after the show. i was
unbelievably exhausted and my friend had had a very long day yesterday.  and
now, please pray for my wrists so i can try to live a normal life.... ;-)

Thanks to you, loyal friends, for rocking our world.

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