Sunday morning is everyday for all I care

I woke up early this morning, made a pot of coffee for myself and the wife, and had an old Southern drama for breakfast. In the intro, Thomas Lanier Williams wrote: “Personal lyricism is the outcry of prisoner to prisoner from the cell in solitary where each is confined for the duration of his life.”

Very rarely, very randomly, like one monkey of the seven hundred kissed by a muse, I can also vomit up the dark truth.

The truth is Coffee. Any of you theater types want to have a go at it?

0 thoughts on “Sunday morning is everyday for all I care

  1. Nice. If that were a Twilight Zone episode, she would see a nuclear missile coming, take a sip of coffee and be stuck in Stop-time.

  2. I like that she asks for the second cup but does not get it before the fade out. It leaves us wondering if this is something that could happen again……

    very nice piece John.

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