I know my mind is made up, so put away your make up

Today’s going rate for orgasm: $70.

So the scuttlebutt was that Eldon had a little side business providing outcall sexual services. Someone had even seen an ad in the back of Bay Area Reporter with a grainy picture that looked a little like Eldon, but nobody had the guts to ask him directly whether he was a prostitute. So last night Bill forwards me the following explanation:

ok…after our little conversation last night (i’ll always cherish that…burp…tequila….) i decided to do a little investigating on my own concerning eldon. so in my drunken stupor when i arrive home, i aquired a new e-mail address and sent him an e-mail asking for info on his services. so below is the response he sent back to me.


From: Eldon [[email protected]]

I charge 70-  a session for sensual erotic touch to orgasm
massage   I can get relatively sexual within reason.. ( It
all depends)  I live alone on Mission Dolores district of
Sf..  I can be reached at   415-xxx-xxxx or cell is xxx
xxxx  Eldon here. 

No word yet on whether Bill actually purchased the it-all-depends massage.

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  1. john:

    this is "bill." ya know, i was all going to do the massage/ release thing with eldon, but i remember "seeing" him in the dressing room. he’s alot bigger than i like, so i’m gonna keep on looking.

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