There ain’t no words for the beauty, the splendor, the wonder

San Diego Civic Center, the intermission of Hairspray, over the balcony at the mezzanine level. The audience members idly ogle one another on multiple stories, a sort of mellow confluence of hardcore people watchers. Bruce Vilanch’s topical one-liners and masterful comic timing kept up audience interest. I’m all for fresh and fruity entertainment ?- hell, I write it from time to time — but this particular touring production felt forced and tired.

The sunset of Del Mar, as filtered through a glass of Grgich Hills, is not intended to be viewed by solitary businessmen. Too bad you’re not with me tonight.

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  1. Yes, your website is ALL ABOUT YOU, but it would behove you to occasionaly step outside yourself and realize YOU talk about yourself too much. Yes, it is true. Try to focus on others, not only for your monologues and your skits, but also your interactions with other human beings in your lifetime RIGHT NOW. There is so much more to life than Del Mar sunsets and projects you are writing/ working on. Think about your connection to your friends, family, and collegues: it’s not about from where you have come from or where you are going, but who you are right now and who you are being to the world. Be real and truly "feel the love." My prayer for you is that you be real with yourself and others you come into contact in your everyday life.


  2. Universe,

    All the interactions I’ve had with you have been positive so far. You have a good ear for music and you kept a great attitude during those late night rehearsals. And you kept the peace when the peace needed keeping.

    And I told you quite clearly that I’d be happy to play guitar with you again.

    But you don’t know me, and my Web site presents only the sides of myself that I choose to present. So don’t you judge me.


    I find it interesting that you leave such a comment on another person’s website which is clearly and unabashedly about his own experiences and thoughts, and then label it ‘all about him’. So in essence, since his approach and vision do not correspond with your views, you have attempted to make the site now, in fact, ‘all about you’. Good work.

    You do harp about ‘feeling the love’ and ‘interactions with others’. Are you doing either of these effectively? What I see here is one person relaying his self through stories, personal accounts, and expressions. And then I see another person looking in and telling him that he’s doing it wrong.

    Good work.

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