Viva la resolution!

I received this e-mail from George Sanger today, aka The Fat Man. He called it his “Daily Dedication for Artists and Workers.” I’m not big into republishing other people’s art here on, but in this case his words resonated with my current life. Here’s hoping they help you as well.

If it serves Creator, may my day be dedicated to bringing happiness to others.

May my consciousness be focused on work that will bring this about.

May the positive results of my work radiate to the Universe and help elevate all Beings.

I pray to have faith that work done earnestly and from the heart will have these positive effects. I pray to have faith that work done in this way is as good as any activity in which a living person can engage.

I do not pray that this work will result in praises for myself. I do not pray for material gain. I do not pray for a final product that I can hold in my hand, or that will last forever. I do not pray to know that I have progressed in my skill or wisdom.

I do not pray for reassurance that I have been wise in how I have spent my time.

I only ask for the blessing of a day of work, focused on bringing good to all Beings.

If the focus does not come, may I have the faith to know that the Universe has brought me to a better path than the one I had planned.

If, on the other hand, the day seems at its end to have vanished into nothingness, if it seems to have come up missing, to have been taken away from me, to have disappeared irretrievably into work, and that work seems to have disappeared with less effect than I had planned, with less seeming result, with less praise than I had hoped, and with very little reassurance that I have achieved something,

Then I pray for the faith to take these as signs that this prayer may have been answered, and rejoice in that!


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