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Ever since I was a tiny boy, I don’t need no candy, I don’t need no toy

Notes from all over: Dad and Rachel came to visit for the first time in four years. Dad’s thinner and more up-to-date on current events, but he takes nine flavors of pills and still obsesses over obsession. My stepsister Stacy has been diagnosed with Devic’s syndrome, a variant of multiple sclerosis. It is statistically important that we have both been diagnosed — Stacy and I are not blood relatives. She’s undergone chemo and has returned to work — she seems generally in good spirits. Amanda continues to take Spanish lessons and fall asleep during Sangha night meditations.

Alex selected a few songs for me to play on guitar for her East-coast wedding in August. We meet today for lunch to discuss how well I can cover the theme from “Star Wars” on my acoustic guitar. Keite rocked in Hedwig and the Angry Inch, which I saw last night with Lisa and Marin. Most people in the Rose and Crown listened quietly and clapped respectfully, but the songs got me jumping and headbanging. I tried to convince Keite to come rock at Mr. Fantastic’s birthday party, on September 17 of this year. It seems likely that the Hungry Hungry Hippos will get together again on that day for our 7th last-ever reunion gig.

Four days ago I was offered a leading part (the evil psycho pastor) in an indy horror movie. The director seems well connected, and I’d love to do a horror flick, but the script wanted another draft and so I respectfully passed — hope it was the right thing to do. At City Lights, Mark Phillips just opened “What the Butler Saw“, a fine Brit farce straight out of the sexual-revolution 60s. I couldn’t take the part of Dr. Prentice due to a time conflict, so I recommended Charles, who kicked major ass as Prentice and opened to excellent reviews. I also introduced Taylor to the director — Taylor ended up as the bellboy and he did extremely well.

I had hoped to do a staged read of “Bishop’s 18 Wives” at City Lights in June, but after the ‘Barn read I’m taking the patient back in for major surgery. I’m replotting the thing to be leaner, funnier and more consistent in tone. I’ll try for a read at City Lights in the fall — actor friends, please watch this space for casting info. I just finished my third play, a one-act entitled “The Knitting Circle”. There’s a troupe of actresses in Chicago that loves to do plays with large fight scenes. As you might guess, they’re having trouble finding said women-only chop-socky plays — we’ll see if they appreciate mine.

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