0 thoughts on “Si te rog, iubirea mea, primeste fericirea

  1. You’br realize there’s no way to get sick of it? One of US, one of US, gooble gobble!

    The 8-year-old is teaching her whole class from downloaded lyrics, and I’ve burned quite a few calories jumping up to dance to the second ("vrei se pleci dar numa numa iei) chorus.

    And, like all good dance songs, the lyrics are INCREDIBLY depressing. The only thing sadder and more dancey is "Where is Love?" by Haddaway.

  2. That would be "You’VE realized…" Never try to type while listening to that song, particularly the second chorus!

  3. Stand aside there, Mahir! No dancing hamsters or babies need apply!

    FWIW I found a helpful translation of the Romanian over <a href="http://www.catteacorner.com…" target="foo">here</a>. I dunno, somehow understanding the lyric makes it more fun for me to see all those people (and flash-files) from all over the world cavorting to the same soundtrack. It’s true, Romanian really <I>IS</I> highly similar to ancient Latin!

    You were right, John — I find I can’t get that durn tune outta my skull, and Mudd has just asked me to <B>please</B> do any further listening under earphones… Soon, all her Maiahi are belong to us… <U>SFX: <I>Evil Cackling</I></U>…

  4. Oh foo, no HTML in comments. But the blog does offer auto-URL-hyperizing-and-truncating. Pardon my markup-litter. Blush.

  5. Ah yes, you are now all my minions..you have fallen pray to the most genious mind fuck of all…mwaaah ahahahahahhahaah!

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