As all the heavens were a bell, and being but an ear


This is one of the poems that Isabel Fox wrote on stage in the current production of Romance in D. Isabel Fox was originally dreamed up by James Sherman, but Alex A. portrayed Isabel by writing these words while on stage. So where did these words come from?

Update: Jeanie Forte, Palo Alto Weekly: “Break away from the usual ‘Nutcracker’ to enjoy this heartwarming play… Byrd’s mastery of subtle looks and comic timing add depth to the character.” Keith Kreitman, Oakland Tribune: “This ain’t a Shakespeare comedy but it’s a lot of 21st-century fun… As Charles, Byrd is an actor of much talent, who can range from the dark nature of Dracula to comic fluff like this with remarkable detail. His delayed-reaction timing here is worthy of movieland’s Jack Lemmon.” My mother: “I thought it was very good.”

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  1. Thes words were last seen in the washing machine with my phone. Well, you asked, that’s where they came from. One could assume.

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