And if I had the choice, yeah, I’d always wanna be there

Thank you for filling out our online questionnaire.
If you have not already done so, please consider mailing a voluntary remittance of $60 to help pay for
the cost of the Anniversary Report.  Please make your check payable to Harvard and Radcliffe Class
of 1991 and mail to:

Harvard Class Report Office
124 Mt. Auburn St., Sixth Floor
Cambridge, MA  02138

If you would prefer to use your credit card, please return to the 1991 Web questionnaire at and follow the link to make a voluntary contribution
via credit card.

Thank you.

Please disregard any unusual characters you may see in your report. They represent codes
that will be translated in the editing process.


Class:  1991
First Name:  John
Middle Name (if any):  W
Current Last Name:  Byrd
Home Country:  United States
Occupation:  Vice President of Business Development
Type of Business:  Video games
Spouse:  Amanda Kalikow Byrd
Date of Marriage:  Aug 22, 1998
Spouse's Degree Inst. 1:  Harvard College
Spouse's Degree Year 1:  1991
Spouse's Occupation:  Director of Development
NARRATIVE:  What a great fifteen years it's been!  Shortly after graduation, I gained the
ability to reverse time for up to ten seconds.  After my death, the evil clown Slo'or reconstructed me
from my DNA fossil record.  Now I can only be harmed by lava.  Current personal goals include conquering
all of California and enslaving it unto my dark, indomitable will.  Armed with my dystronic
Stratocaster, my plan cannot possibly fail this time. 
Bwah hah hah hah!

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