Top to bottom, left to right

VIRAGO THEATRE COMPANY: “A Bed of My Own” by Robert Hamm, directed by Laura Lundy-Paine, and “The Death of Ayn Rand” by John Byrd, directed by Robert Lundy-Paine. Age range 40-60. Aud 4/5, 7pm, in Oakland. Rehearsals May/June. Performs 6/15-7/7 in East Bay. Send resume to: info at viragotheatre dot org or call 510-865-6237. Equity(BAPP) or non-equity (stipend).

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  1. hey are you in town for your play in June or july? I can’t seem to get down to LA yet…work going well over there for you? Sorry I haven’t blogged…serve down…bout time to change that isn’t it…

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