And I walk right through the door

When the manager came around, I told him, “I came into your gym yesterday. When I was working out, someone popped the lock off my locker and took about two hundred dollars out of my wallet.”

The manager was round, with a tuft of brown hair. “Can I see the lock, sir?”

I got the lock out of my car and showed it to him. “There, you see? There’s a bunch of dents and scratches on the top that wasn’t there before. And the lock was closed yesterday when I got back to it. I’m guessing somebody pried or forced it, took my money out.”

“Something like this happened about a month ago,” said the manager. “The lock was bent in the same way. Are you going to use this lock again?”

“Hell no,” I said. “It’s yours.”

“You get a lot of stuff stolen?” asked.

“Yes,” I said. “Yes I do.”

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  1. dude, that sucks. and it would never have happened at 24 hour potrero (shyah). come to think of it, there was some blogger out there who had problems with their men’s locker room…

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