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  1. I’m definitely on board with the notion of Rants, and this is a fine one from Paddy Chayevsky. But the solution he gives us to the natural Suck of Life is to go to the window and yell. Cause, effect. People need to be motivated to specific and literal action. There’s too much simple and nondirected anger in the world as it is.

    Sorry, I know that this speech resonates for you.

  2. This video (about the Great FCC Media Conglomeration Giveaway) is dead on correct. But… I’ve seen many many too many outrages go down smooth with the Great American Electorate. Why should this outrage be any different? I hate to sound defeatist but I guess that’s how I feel.

    I fear that the only thing that might rouse us to the streets would be whatever outrage is finally perceived as bringing on the total extinction of liberty… which would prompt a rebellion. But I also fear that those faceless implacable forces and authoritarian people controlling the "political thermostat" will increase the temperature so gradually that we will be boiled well before we rebel.

    "When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross." — Sinclair Lewis

    (Reichstag Fire : 9/11/01) :: (Enabling Act : Patriot Act)

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