Romeo and Juliet was a tragedy, Madam

Ah well, Backstage liked my performance, even if they didn’t like the play.

I didn’t vote in today’s primaries. One bit of business led to another led to another, and my entire day was digested in minutes and hours. I feel rather dreadful about it — it’s our responsibility as citizens to vote. Granted, my vote will only be counted, and make a difference in the outcome of the election, if there’s a tie. Otherwise people other than myself will decide the outcome of the election. But, still, it’s the principle of the thing. I’m deeply dedicated to causes in which I have absolutely no influence.

Must find more time to write. So much to say, so little time. I promised Virago a full-length Hermit Bird in two months. That alone would be tractable, except I’m opening Arms and the Man at Rude Guerrilla in two weeks.

Apparently has passed over 100,000 page views. Thanks, Mom!

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