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And since we’ve no place to go

Snowed in here in Boston. The place is quiet. Mudd and Mandy busy themselves with reception planning and responses to the flowers and cards. It’s lovely watching them play with Xander. I do dishes. I can do dishes.

We got a foot of snow day before yesterday. It lovingly blanketed and paralyzed the town like the embrace of a spider. I spend most days writing code and Skyping friends. Finally, the audio engine is turning into something really game-changing. Damn the economy; my businesses are finally starting to pay off.

Apparently, I’m in Theatre Bay Area magazine for March. There is apparently a favorable article about The Hermit Bird there, and they gave me an Editor’s Pick and a sidebar. If you happen to have a copy of the magazine, I’d love to see it.

I’m speaking at GDC in San Francisco, on March 24, in the Tools and Middleware Panel. I’ll be in town all that week, hobnobbing with fellow wizards on Monday evening, if you’d like to hang out and have a something with me.

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  1. SOrry all this is going on. Love to you and Amanda, hang in there on all fronts. I’m sorry I won’t get to see you at the show tonight, I may try to swap my ticket to a night you will be here before I am off to Boston myself for a conference on the 23rd…Hang in there, call any hour if you need to. XXXX