Spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam

So the Yahoo porn spam bot keeps contacting me. Rather than ignore it, I thought I’d try to get it to tell me a little more about its internal structure, so that someone with more time than me can r00t it. Here’s what I found out.

The bot has a canned script. If a human responds to its IMs, and it doesn’t see a keyword, then it continues with its canned script. Once the script ends, the conversation terminates.

Known interesting keywords follow. The bot searches this keyword list in this order, and the earliest match is returned as a response. The bot is case-insensitive. The bot will continue to chat you indefinitely if you include one or more of the following words in your response.

web / [or whatever the porn URL du jour is]
site / [or whatever the porn URL du jour is]
shit / what’s wrong?
fake / the only thing fake here is your toupet!
spam / nah, I am a vegetarian… no spam for me! haha
bot / whats a bot? im 100% all real and natural, from tits to ass!

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