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Jessica Tams
Managing Director
Casual Games Association
P.O. Box 305
Smithfield, UT 84335

Dear Ms. Tams:

At your Casual Connect conference last week, I was very pleased to see that there was a Women’s Lunch sponsored by DeNA on the schedule. Over my twenty years in the video game industry, I have unfortunately personally witnessed many forms of sexism and I believe it’s a major problem in the industry. I strongly believe it is my duty to act as a positive force for women in video games.

So I was very disappointed when you personally refused to let me attend the Women’s Lunch. At the door, you said that men were expressly excluded from the event. Even more than being disappointed, I was surprised. Most major organizations dedicated to advancing women’s professional careers recognize that males have a helpful role to play, too. As a few examples: Women in Games International, San Francisco Women’s Council of Realtors, Financial Women of San Francisco, National Organization of Women, National Association of Women MBAs, and San Francisco Women Against Rape all permit men to attend their events, and to further the causes of these organizations.

Please reconsider your position on excluding men from future events. Many of my male colleagues would be proud to work alongside you to improve the status and respect for all women working in our industry.

Thank you for your consideration. I hope that you will permit forward-thinking men to be part of your efforts in the future.


John Byrd

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