I hope that we have not too quickly forgotten that

The God of Abrahamic religions does not exist.  If God exists, then God is not of a human form.  I suppose that if penguins believed in God, then God would be in the form of a penguin.  We see God as a micromanager, a straw boss, a pissed-off feudal chieftain erasing the poor sinners from the earth like Clorox against cold viruses.

God, if She exists, doesn’t care about us.  Caring is a uniquely mammal emotion, and one evolved over the millennia to produce more mammals.  Fish, once they are hatched from eggs, have no use for their young.  A plecostomus will happily eat another plecostomus.

These are realizations in the process of being realized.

All God’s will, you know.  But God doesn’t have a will, or even a won’t; God is a mathematical abstraction like pi or e, but much less useful in the construction of MP3 players.  God won’t help you square a circle or figure out the frequencies present in a Lady Gaga song.  For that you gotta fall back on science.

As science grows, God shrinks; God is the collection of things we can’t explain by any other means.  How come the God-damn dishwasher keeps overflowing!  Well, that would be God’s fault.  God damned the dishwasher, you see, or else that Maytag would be running fine today.

It’s sad and scary, living a life without God present, in the same way I imagine it would be sad living without your parents.  God’s basically a surrogate for your dad and your mom, all rolled into one, the magical superparent looking out for your welfare at all times.  God is the Final Recourse, the one to complain to when no one else will listen.

Except of course, God doesn’t exist and therefore it’s only physics and your own capabilities of self-care.

God’s a complaint box stuffed to overflowing, letters and notes that will never be read, because there is no one there to read them.

We are all together, on our own.

Let us pray.

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