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And would you call it to his face?

Here’s a story I wrote for you.

Two poor brothers were wandering through the forest.

In a clearing, the two brothers came upon two children.

On each child’s neck, there was a rich and fine jewel-encrusted necklace, tightly locked onto her.

The mark of each necklace bore the name of an extremely powerful king that lived far away.

One brother took a child and said:

“I recognize this mark; it is my master’s mark. My master has promised a rich reward to all who are good to his children. Therefore, I will not kill this child and take the necklace, for my master would punish me with fire and torture. I will protect the child, and travel the far distance to my master, where he will reward me with untold riches instead.”

The other brother took a child and said:

“I do not recognize this mark. I have no master. I could kill the child and keep the necklace for myself, and no one would know. But I choose to save the child, because it is good and loving to do so. I will protect the child, and travel the far distance to his master. But I do not care whether I am rewarded. To make the right choice is its own reward.”

So here is your question:

Which of the brothers is the most good? 

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