I get requests on the telephone

Ongoing items of note. Just got a call from Laura over at Virago Theatre. My play, “The Hermit Bird”, was selected for a staged reading over in Alameda. Mark your calendar, please, for July 8, 2006 at 7:30 p.m., plus a wine and cheese reception to meet the author afterwards.

Dave has put together a good-looking trailer for Ambassador’s Day; go watch it. Charles gets most of the face time in the trailer, but I’m in there as well.

Lastly, you got two weekends left to see “The Little Theater’s Production of Hamlet.” I’m Hamlet, as portrayed by a truck driver from West Virginia. Somewhere in the past weekend, audiences have started to really dig the production — they’ve started to talk back to us, and we’re getting reviews along the lines of “best show ever in the space.”

One thought on “I get requests on the telephone

  1. I’ll see the show on Saturday after my interview to direct for Santa Clara Players next season…you up for dinner before the show? or drinks…that always makes the show interesting =]

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