It’s gone and you can tell that one goodbye

Date: Wednesday, From: Robert
I’m directing Hermit Bird at Virago Theatre Co‘s Reading series on Saturday July 8th. I’m looking at several Actors and will let you know when I have a firmer idea. I’m looking for a companion piece to fill out the evening and will update you when we’ve made a selection.

Date: Thursday, From: John Byrd
About how long ideally? Any particular casting requirements? I have a couple funny one-acts that may work as an opening…1

Date: Friday, From: Robert
Probably in the 60 minute range. Hermit looks like it will run about 20 and a nice evening is 90 minutes total. That gives audience some time after wards to discuss and socialize. Laura may have had to move pieces around to get a fit with schedules. I’m looking at Hermit Bird as an open and another piece as the second. I’ve been thinking comedy, but I’m open.

Date: Saturday, From: John Byrd
I do have exactly such a play2 ? I have an absurdist comedy called The Death of Ayn Rand which would work against Hermit Bird like lemon against chicken. The Death of Ayn Rand is still in the development stage3, and it could really use this type of staged read. May I send you the script for your review?

Date: Sunday, From: Robert
Let me know if you have something that will fit.

Date: Monday, From: John Byrd
Enclosed are pointers to my spanking new one-act play4, The Death of Ayn Rand. This play will go well as a second part to an evening of staged reading, against The Hermit Bird. The Death of Ayn Rand is an absurdist comedy.5 It details the final minutes of life of the objectivist philosopher who wrote Atlas Shrugged.6 It will provide actors the chance to stretch, be funny, and say something significant, all at the same time.7

Date: Tuesday, From: Robert
I read your script last night. It’s great, you have a wonderful use of language and I love how you play with the structure of the piece in such a creative way. So we would like to use “The Death of Ayn Rand” as the second piece of the evening on July 8th. Let me know your thoughts and I will let you know when we have a cast and can put together a schedule.

Date: Wednesday, From: John Byrd
Great! I look forward to working with you.8

1 I have some half-baked concepts that I haven’t actually committed to paper yet.
2 I do have exactly such an idea for a play.
3 All I need to do is write the fucking thing.
4 Enclosed are thirty-five pages of unproduceable stream-of-consciousness bat shit.
5 It makes no sense because I pulled an all-nighter to yank it out of my ass for you.
6 I couldn?t be bothered to do any research that didn?t come from Google, so most of my facts are probably wrong.
7 It will provide actors the chance to correct my numerous typographical errors.
8 Are you nuts?!

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  1. Some people have a running inner monologue, some…running footnotes…very funny…I like the script so far. 1

    1 – I have done as much as print it out and intended to read it, but I like you work, I’m sure it will be as fucked up as anything else I’ve read.2
    2 – i.e. your blog.

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