Everybody cut, everybody cut, everybody cut, everybody cut

John Byrd
has a Bacon number of 4.

John Byrd
was in Ambassadors Day (2006)
with Taylor RayTaylor Ray
was in Voyeur (2006)
with Dalila Ali Rajah

Dalila Ali Rajah
was in Darwin Awards, The (2006)
with Wilmer Valderrama

Wilmer Valderrama
was in Beauty Shop (2005)
with Kevin Bacon

Bacon number is 4


black sabbath
played with nashville pussy at shoreline amphitheater on jul 20, 1999

nashville pussy
played with flush at c.w. saloon on may 3, 1999

played with smokejumpers at tip top inn in sf on january 29, 2000

played with the kuntry kunts at edinburgh castle on jun 11, 1997

kuntry kunts
played with the hungry hungry hippeaux at edinburgh castle on may 22, 1998

Sabbath number is 5

John Byrd coauthored Game Programming Gems 3 with Eric Lengyel

Eric Lengyel coauthored Game Engine Gems 1 with Richard Egli

R. Egli coauthored with Neil-Frederick Stewart MR2062029

Neil-Frederick Stewart coauthored with Stanley M. Selkow MR0366737

Stanley M. Selkow coauthored with Paul Erdős1 MR0584517

Erdos number is 4

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  1. I’m no actor, but if we were to expand this game, my Bacon number would actually be lower than yours!

    kerbot2000 played in Fast Times with Dan Amrich

    Dan Amrich was in Nine 1/2 Weeks (1986) with Mickey Rourke

    Mickey Rourke was in Diner (1982) with Kevin Bacon

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